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Diana Rowland!

Diana Rowland is at BBB offering some GREAT prizes! Who wouldn’t love a free book? Or a 20 dollar gift card? Or a 100 dollar gift card? Come one come all! Its easy as always to enter to win! The more entries- the more chances you have! Just follow the link!


Last day for Sara Humphreys and her 8 gig iPod!

It is the last day for the iPod Touch contest at Bitten by Books with Sara Humphreys! You only have until 11:59 pm tonight! If you haven’t entered yet then hurry up! It’s your last chance! follow the link below and see the multitude of ways to enter! And don’t forget to say Nicole H. Sent you!

Sara Humphreys and an 8 gig iPod Touch!

Sara Humphreys is still at BBB until the 10th of June at 11:59 pm offering everyone a chance to win an 8 gig iPod Touch! That’s right! It is a Second generation iPod Touch! And there are a TON of ways to enter to win! Come one come all to the most fun contests on the web! Free stuff! And people REALLY DO WIN! Want your chance? Then follow the link below:

And tell them Nicole H. sent you! What could it hurt? It’s free! FREE I tell ya! 😉

Yasmine Galenorn!

Yasmine Galenorn is at BBB! And she is offering a $50 and $25 Barnes and Noble Cards!  She will be holding the contest until June 10th! So that is ALOT of entries! Come see the different ways you can enter to win!

Sara Humphreys contest goes until June 10th!

Sara Humphreys contest for an iPod Touch goes until June 10th! That’s right! Come on! Who doesn’t just LOVE freebies? And EXPENSIVE freebies at that! She is offering multiple chance at an 8 gig iPod Touch! It’s easy! It’s fun! And best of all?!?!?! It’s FREE!!!!!!!!!! Come join Sara, me, and all the gang and try YOUR hand at getting that wonderful prize!

Dakota Cassidy

Dakota Cassidy is at BBB! And she is offering some awesome prizes! Lol, I know I probably use Awesome too much , but then BBB and their authors shouldn’t be so AWESOME! But come on! These are the prizes being offered!

$100 card

A Book Tote FILLED with free books and other swag that was signed by over 20 authors at the Romantic Times Convention!!

And 10 copies of Kiss and Hell!

Now come on and tell me how that is not AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The contest runs until the 8th of June! Come on! Join the fun!

It is ending!

Ok the WWYD4aK2 contest is coming to a close! It has been a frantic state here at the end! Only 1 hour and roughly 45 minutes left! If you have not entered yet there is still some time left! Hurry by!