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My rant…….

This is my rant………..

Don’t you wish sometimes that life were easier? As adults, parents, what have you. As teens we thought our lives were so unfair, when the hardest things that we had to decide is if we were in a fight with our friends, what to wear, and if we wanted to do our homework. Now we have bills, work, husbands/wives, children, homes to take care of, cars to keep legal, friends, our kids homework, PTA, animals to take care of, and ourselves. WOW that list got a lot longer didn’t it? And the sad thing? That those are not ALL of the things that as adults we have to do. Yes, if you are a parent you know exactly what I am talking about. The endless not enough hours in the day list that we all have. And now? Our children are running blindly into adulthood thinking that their lives are oh so hard, and that being an ADULT will make things easier. HA! Children, take your time growing up.

And lately? I have met some very nice adults. Some who are responsible, common sense people. And I have met some that act worse than children. Ones who are so wrapped into themselves and their own desires that they care not one whit whom they hurt or how much they hurt them. To the ones with the common sense- you know who you are- thank you for being yourselves. To those who claim to be adults yet act like my four year old- GROW UP! There is more to life than your selfish desires, than your wants. Like those of the children that you have. Like those of your husbands/wives. Realize how precious love and family are. And how fragile that family life is. Work instead of remaining child like on being a full fledged member of the adult population. Look to your families happiness rather than your own. Look at what you have and what you could lose.

Show your wife/husband how you feel. Leave them a note hidden on a napkin in their lunch with a simple I Love you written on it. Give them a hug when they come home. Hold their hand while you watch a movie together. Thank them for dinner. Wash dishes. Tell them how good they look. How much you love them. What they mean to you. Life is not easy as an adult, we all know that. Especially in these hard economic times! But showing your love and caring to your significant other doesn’t have to cost money, just time and the thought of them and their happiness.

This is a bit rambling, yes I know. But as I sit here thinking of the last week or two I cannot help but wonder how many of us forget the simple things? Like family? Love? Happiness? Not of ourselves but those we profess to love? I will leave you with a more thoughts…

When was the last time you and your significant other had a date?

When was the last time you showed them any PDA? (Public Displays of Affection)

When was the last time you came home from work, and instead of griping or locking yourself away hugged your husband/wife, told them you loved them, and offered to help with dinner or in some other way?

Just think about it…..


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