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Help Alyssa Day donate to Pet Charity!

I am a dog lover! All of my animals are rescues and I volunteer down at our local pound. Alyssa Day is offering to add a dollar to her donation to her local Pug Donationn for every comment that is on the Fire and Ice blog under her post! Here is the link: Fire and Ice ! So go and comment and have some fun with it! What breed of dog is YOUR man like? Why? And while you are laughing your way through your comment( as I did! 😉 ) know that you are helping out homeless dogs!


I am guest blogging!

I am guest blogging on Sara Taney Humphreys blog! Come to sat hi, comment, or just ask a question! Or just come find out about and how we got started!

Shiloh Walker Giveaway! Hunter’s Need

Hunter’s Need

Ok, so One of my FAVORITE authors- yes the list is a bit long but hey! It’s not my fault there are so many good ones out there! Anyhoo, Shiloh Walker is giving away ARCs of Hunter’s Need. She says “Convince me that you want it.  Be creative.  Be silly.  Be serious.  Whatever it takes.  Convince me that you want one of these ARCs.” So Ok Ms. Walker Here is my post!

Do I want one? Hells to the yeah! This is my personal blog so I can be as silly as I want darn it! If you give me one I promise to treasure it…… AND review it! I have been on the hunt- hee hee pun intended- for ALL of the series. I wish they were all on Kindle! But alas they are not! 😦

If you know Shiloh Walker then you know what I am talking about when I say how AWESOME she is! And If you have yet to be introduced to this paragon of paranormal writing then let ME be the one to introduce you! You (insert Name HERE) this is the Art that is Shiloh Walker – link is : No kidding here folks. Go check her stuff out! She is great! Now I will leave you all in peace. And yes, I DO hear the sighs of relief! 😉 Catch ya’ll tomorrow at HGB at the contest with Kaleb Nation at!