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Wow! I started a beta reading group a while back, and it is taking off with a bang! I have recieved more intrest for readers than I truly expected! And now I need more authors! Never thought I would say that!

I have enjoyed meeting new people, and I love to help! So when I got into reviewing books, and meeting new authors, I thought to myself THIS is what I can do! I can help authors by giving them good, honest feedback!

I set up a small beta reading group, and let some of the new authors that I had been working with know that I could offer them honest opinions of their work- good, bad, and OMG that was GREAT! I enjoy being the go-between to the authors and fans, it has been a wonderful experience!

And now I have started a yahoo group to help me keep up with the readers! I still act as go between, the authors email me thier manuscripts, and I send them out, but with the use of the yahoo group it allows for me to keep track of the readers, their likes, dislikes, and ages alot easier. It also helps me keep up with what is age appropriate. Since I do help with YA and “all age” books, I keep teens on board as well so that those authors have input from the age group that they have in mind as they write!

So if you are an author who wants honest opinions, regardless of whether this is your first or fifteith book, or maybe just you first in a specific genre, then feel free to email me!

and in the Subject line put- Manuscript for beta

we cover all genres! And welcome all authors!


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